Japanese Government’s Official E-magazine “KIZUNA” Presents Three New Articles F… – Press Release

TOKYO, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Government of Japan publishes new articles every month in an official e-magazine, “KIZUNA.” The latest issue features Japan’s actions to realize gender equality and empower women, as well as new female pioneers in aerospace development and the femtech business.



  • Improving Women’s Status Creates an Empowered Society Japan is promoting policy measures focused on women’s economic independence and men’s taking childcare leave.
  • One Woman Launches Herself into Space Exploration in the New Era
    A Paris Observatory researcher exploring the universe reflects on the appeal of lunar exploration and her new challenge.
  • Finding New Value in Fukushima’s Dormant Resources
    A female entrepreneur is making use of discarded local agricultural produce through efforts such as developing femtech products.

About “KIZUNA”
Kizuna means the enduring bonds between people — close relationships forged through mutual trust and support. The kizuna cultivated among countries of the world have the power to deepen cooperation for a better future. By reporting on a wide variety of topics concerning Japan, “KIZUNA” hopes that this publication will provide opportunities for Japan and the rest of the world to connect and build strong kizuna.


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