Join Healthcare Leaders and Innovators at MEDITECH LIVE – Press Release


The conference invites executives and clinicians to collaborate and help shape a new era in healthcare.

MEDITECH will be hosting the “can’t miss” event in healthcare IT this fall, with its 2nd annual MEDITECH LIVE leadership summit, September 20-22 at the company’s Conference Center in Foxborough, MA. This event unites CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, CNOs, CFOs, and other leaders from across the care spectrum to address the benefits and challenges of working in an evolving digital ecosystem.

“Innovation is an imperative, and healthcare organizations can get the benefits of many exciting new technologies like AI through their electronic health records,” said MEDITECH Executive Vice President & COO Helen Waters.

“At MEDITECH, we know that the industry demands both a solid IT foundation and also open platforms capable of plug-and-play with other tools. It’s an important time to have candid discussions around disruptive forces and our EHRs, how they will impact the way we practice medicine and serve our communities. And the place to get those unique interactions is at MEDITECH LIVE.”

Attendees at this year’s conference will be discussing three key drivers of healthcare innovation:

  • Reducing the Clinician Burden – New strategies for reducing staff burdens at a systemic level, by leveraging large language models, NLP, and OCR technologies to remove the tech heavy aspects of the EHR and simply present critical information to inform care delivery.

  • Innovative Care Delivery Models – Strategies for redesigning workflows, expanding in new settings, adopting advanced technologies, and realigning care teams in ways that optimize their workforce and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Intelligent Application of Data – Approaches for adopting new technologies like AI to use data more dynamically and address escalating financial, competitive, workforce, and consumer demands.

Guiding these discussions will be some of the most accomplished healthcare and technology leaders working…