Jonny Bairstow: England batter out till 2023 after surgical procedure

Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow missed the final Test of England’s summer series against South Africa

England batter Jonny Bairstow has successfully undergone surgery on a broken leg and dislocated ankle, and confirmed he will not play again this year.

He slipped walking to a tee box.

The Yorkshireman also missed the final Test of England’s home summer series with South Africa.

In an interview with the Telegraphexternal-link, Bairstow said he “heard it snap straight away”.

Bairstow had been in brilliant form in 2022, scoring 1,061 runs and six centuries in 10 Tests, and remains a key part of England’s white-ball teams.

“Normally when you slip you fall on your bum, which would have been fine as there’s plenty of cushion in there,” he told the Telegraph.

“Except this time I tried to regain my balance, my left ankle turned right, dislocated and my weight went through my left lower leg. I heard it snap straight away.

“I took a couple of steps down then slipped. By the time I crumpled into a heap, I was…