Joovy's Be Good Initiative Creates the First Logistics-Based Product that Saves Up to Five Other Shipments to Parent's Homes – Press Release

The Foodoo Bassinet & High Chair is the all-in-one product that will last your little one from newborn to 60 lbs.

“We looked at this as another opportunity to be good; by combining products, we save the packaging from five additional shipments. Not to mention all the diesel fuel that didn’t get burned,” said Rob Gardner, Founder, and CEO of Joovy.

Joovy, a global leader in premium juvenile products, launches a never-seen-before product for parents that saves the environment additional shipments and packaging. “We looked at this as another opportunity to be good; by combining products, we save the packaging from five additional shipments. Not to mention all the diesel fuel that didn’t get burned,” said Rob Gardner, Founder and CEO of Joovy. The Foodoo Bassinet & High Chair is multifunctional, utilizing the same frame for three different products used at different ages.

Joovy has simplified decision-making with the Foodoo Bassinet & High Chair. This curated 6-in-1 bundle provides the perfect sleep and feeding solutions for new parents. Parents will sleep a little better knowing they are ready for the first few months and beyond. Children can use this versatile assortment from the moment they come home from the hospital until they grow to be 60 pounds. The Foodoo Bassinet & High Chair checks off all boxes with simple assembly, easy transitions between stages, a sleek, lush design, and countless features. This premium set includes a portable bassinet, bassinet stand, newborn-ready high chair, an infant booster seat, a toddler booster seat, and a youth chair, all with one purchase.

The Bassinet

Parents can use the bassinet on or off the stand with five height positions and soft and breathable fabrics. It’s great for room sharing to keep newborns close by during the night. The see-through mesh sides allow parents to check on the baby from all angles. Plus, it folds completely flat for storage when not in use.

The High Chair

Joovy’s newborn-ready Foodoo High Chair comes included in this set so newborns will have a seat at the table from day one. With a wipe-clean leatherette seat, five recline positions, an adjustable footrest, five height positions, a dishwasher-safe tray insert, rubber front wheels, and more, this high chair has everything a parent could want for their baby.

The Infant Booster Seat

A simple push of a button removes the high chair seat and converts the Foodoo into an Infant Booster Seat. Just grab the hidden straps from the bottom mesh pocket and fasten them onto any adult chair. Plus, parents can use this padded booster at the table with OR without the tray.

The Toddler Booster Seat

Encompassing an easy-to-clean design, the Toddler Booster is perfect for growing babies to have an elevated spot at the table.

The Youth Chair

When children turn 3, click the Toddler Booster Seat onto the stand, and Voila! The chair has five height positions and works as an ideal child’s stool at the counter.

Joovy has spared no cost in the Foodoo Bassinet & High Chair, and parents will appreciate its high-quality construction and superior materials. This unique product changes the way parents purchase premium baby gear while doing their part to be good to the planet. These durable, luxury components, intentionally shipped in one box, give parents the confidence and convenience of being ready from the first moments home through each stage as baby grows to toddlerhood and beyond with a reduced carbon footprint; a win-win for young families and our world.


Founded in 2005, Joovy, a global leader in premium juvenile, toy, and sporting goods products for babies through young children, has grown by listening to parents. By answering our phones and solving problems immediately for families, we establish a relationship built on trust. Positivity is contagious. Joovy believes we should be good to each other, good to the world, and good to the environment. Every good deed can have a significant impact. Be good. To learn more about Joovy, please visit

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