Jordan’s royal household drama sends shudders across the area. Here is what we all know

Jordan's royal family drama sends shudders around the region. Here's what we know

Authorities said they had foiled a plot in which Hamzah was working in collusion with unnamed foreign entities to “destabilize” Jordan. The prince denied the claims and dismissed the arrest sweep as a bid to silence growing criticism of government corruption.

The crisis has thrust Jordan, one of the Middle East’s most stable countries, into uncharted waters. Here’s what we know.

On Saturday evening, reports circulated that Prince Hamzah had been placed under house arrest. The country’s military chief swiftly denied the statement. A few hours later, the prince released Arabic and English video recordings that stunned the nation.

With a portrait of his late father King Hussein in the backdrop, the 41-year-old prince claimed that he was told to stay home, stripped of his security, and cut off from his communications. He also claimed that several of his friends and acquaintances were arrested. He lashed out at the country’s leadership, airing grievances over living conditions, government…