Kids In The House Reveals Snapchat Secrets

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Los Angeles, CA – When 4.6 million Snapchat users had their personal information and photos leaked last year, it had people questioning the security of the mobile app. Now, Kids In The House reveals the top three Snapchat secrets that experts believe every parent should know.

1. Privacy Policies Aren’t So Private

While kids think their photos, videos, or messages can’t be spread all over the Internet, experts say that this is simply not true.

“If you look at the Privacy Policy on Snapchat, they very clearly tell you that their Snapchat photos stay on their server for an undetermined amount of time,” says technology expert, Lori Getz, MA.

“Digital is forever,” says national cyber security expert, Theresa Payton, ” Snapchat – keep your kids away from it .” 

2. Parents Should Use SnapChat Themselves

According to Payton, the best way for parents to keep track of new and potentially dangerous technology is to actually try using social media themselves. She says one way of doing this is to ask kids for help when learning Snapchat and other social media.

Experts encourage parents to constantly search the top sites for kids. The information is readily available because large companies track these sites in order to market to children.

“As soon as you see names on there you don’t recognize, go back and talk to your kids about [them],” says Payton. “Have them be your tour guide to the Internet.”

3. Is Snapchat a Thing of the Past?

While people continue to use Snapchat, experts say that social media is constantly changing, and just as soon as a website or app gets popular it is soon replaced with the next big thing.

“Kik, Snapchat, and Instagram – they’re going to change,” says Getz. “I can say these [are popular] right now, but in two weeks there may be something new.”

“Parents, what you really need to know is downloading restrictions on these mobile devices,” says Getz. “And if your child is under the age of thirteen they are not supposed to have any type of social network at all,” says Getz.

If you want to learn more about social media and the pros and cons of Snapchat visit to ask your questions.

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