Killers despatched to UK will get a particular court docket listening to

Cayman News Service

Justin Ramoon (far left) and Osbourne Douglas escorted by prison officers as the court visits the scene of Jason Powery’s murder in 2016

(CNS): Two local brothers who were convicted in 2016 of murdering Jason Powery in July 2015 at a George Town bar and then forcibly sent to the UK in 2017 to serve their life sentences on grounds of national security have brought a legal challenge asking to be returned home to the Cayman Islands. Following a hearing on the matter on Wednesday, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has sent the case back to the Grand Court to reconsider it in a special hearing.

Osbourne Douglas (36) and Justin Ramoon (30) are challenging their removal to the UK on human rights grounds but the governor has argued it was proportionate because even in jail the men pose a continuing threat to the community.

But while the governor, the prison director and a handful of other people have seen the evidence said to support their removal, Douglas and Ramoon