Kimbo Educational Announces That They’re Offering New Releases for Kids Dance Music and Fitness Fun

Kimbo Educational announces that they’re offering six new releases for classroom learning and fun kids dance music.

/ Kimbo Educational announces six new releases that are now offered in addition to their extensive CD and DVD collection. Kimbo Educational’s new music selections include various fun kids songs and kids dance music for home and classroom settings. The new releases are designed to improve motor skills, brain-based exercises and fitness fun for kids.

Kimbo Educational’s collection of new music includes Let’s Visit Lullaby Land, #1 Best Kid’s Songs, Rhythm Sticks Rap and Tap, Rockin’ Aerobics, Nursery Rhymes for Little People and Kimbo Music Sampler CD. Families and educators can add to these various albums that encourage physical activity, rhythmic sense and motor movements to their musical library.

Kimbo Educational’s features best-selling new releases Rockin’ Aerobics, Rhythm Sticks Rap and Rap and Nursery Rhymes for Little People. Rockin’ Aerobics offers 20 motivating songs and easy-to-learn routines. Designed to boost learning, Rockin’ Aerobics stimulates and re-energizes students. Songs on the Rhythm Sticks Rap and Tap album have musical patterns that promote rhythmic sense, coordination and creative expression. Nursery Rhymes for Little People includes classic nursery rhymes such as Little Bo Peep and Humpty Dumpty. The fun kids songs on this album encourage repeat phrases, dramatic play and creative activities.

“We’re thrilled to offer these new releases for our loyal customers who rely on our products as fun and educational tools,” says Kimbo Education representative James Kimble. “Parents and schoolteachers can enjoy an even wider selection. From all-time favorite kids dance music to Folk Dance Fun, we offer a diverse music selection for teaching and fostering fitness fun for kids.”

Kimbo Educational also provides sing-alongs, movement activities for children and comprehensive guides to enhance learning experiences.

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Kimbo Educational is an online musical resource that is dedicated to healthy learning, education and fun fitness for children. Kimbo Educational offers a wide range of kids dance music and fun songs that encourage brain development and coordination, physical activity, motor skills and creativity. CDs and DVDs are designed to meet children’s educational and exercise needs in the home and classroom. Musical themes include dance club music, patriotic marches, aerobics and nursery rhymes. Kimbo Educational’s songs and activities are designed for character development as well as history, literacy, math, multicultural and science curriculums.

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