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101 writes: Wayne Panton’s reign as Cayman Islands Premier faces an inevitable early end, unless a miracle surfaces over the next week or so. His PACT government ironically doesn’t seem to have been kept together by any sort of ‘pact’ at all, or anything remotely close to a consistent agreed set of polices or principles. 

We can all be forgiven for giving Mr Panton the benefit of the doubt at the beginning because based on all the evidence of the man himself, he deserved it. Mr Panton is a man of principles, who clearly cares for his community, understands social issues and has been an advocate for the environment long before becoming a politician. He appeared to be a compassionate leader who genuinely cared for the input of others. He had a strong business acumen, with proven success in the financial services industry and is known for supporting many local charitable causes.

It seemed difficult to find another leadership candidate with all the right…