King Mohammed VI promotes the modernization process of the religious field

06/16/2014 (press release: media1press)

As Commander of the Faithful, HM King Mohammed VI chaired this Friday in Rabat the ceremony of presentation of the “support plan” to religious management at the local level.

This plan represents a new milestone on the path to reforming the religious field in which the HM the King has always taken interest since his accession to the throne, and which made the Moroccan religious management approach a model to follow at the regional and international levels.

It is part of the royal vision which aims to promote and modernize the religious field, including by providing qualified human resources and the necessary equipment.

This plan marks a new era in religious leadership, particularly through the assistance provided by the Imams-Mourchidines to the Imams of mosques in providing advice regarding the performance of their duties, and the expansion and improvement of the program to fight illiteracy.

The plan aims to protect mosques from exploitation and improve the level of training in the service of religious values, including those relating to citizenship and, in accordance with the principles of the Maliki rite.

It also seeks to expand the scope of religious training at the local level through a coaching staff consisting of 1300 Imams-Mourchidines spread across the prefectures and provinces of the Kingdom.

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