KISS PR Story offers artists and musicians an efficient service to distribute their press releases, providing them much-needed publicity.


Dallas, TX , March 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kiss PR Digital Stands Out As A Fantastic Resource For Creators, Influencers, Artists And Musicians With The Ability To Generate More Public Awareness. 

Aspiring artists and musicians get their press releases publicized on popular news websites through KISS PR Story, a Dallas-based digital marketing company. 

KISS PR Story has helped businesses get through the current pandemic by giving out a free press release distribution package. And now they are focusing their effort to help aspiring artists and musicians get their much-needed publicity.

Budding American singer and rapper, Shadoe, music artist Finny, and celebrity manager Melinda Santiago are among the first customers KISS PR Story has helped.

To test-drive their PR distribution system, artists or musicians can sign up for free to get their newsroom, where they can submit and publish their press releases.

Publishing Press Releases to Get Verified on Instagram

It is essential for musicians and artists, especially those who just got started with their career, to get publicity for newly launched albums, singles, tours, or even a book signing event.

With the popularity of social media, more specifically, Instagram, getting a verified profile is also becoming essential to establish a reputation and image as an artist.

KISS PR Story knows this necessity. This prods them to help budding artists and musicians get a verified profile on Instagram by getting them published on popular news websites through their PR distribution system.

KISS PR Story shared in their recent news release that getting a verified profile on Instagram can be done by getting pickups on eight large news websites. They claimed that this has worked for some of their clients.

Tips in Writing a Press Release for Musicians and Artists

KISS PR digital marketing expert recently advised aspiring musicians and artists to make sure their press releases are adequately written before submitting them for pickups.

“The most important thing is to keep your news release short, precise, and free from any grammatical errors,” Zang said.

Zang shared that reporters have no time to read long press releases and that those riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes can harm aspiring artists’ growing reputations.

Zang emphasizes that you must ensure that your released press release is free of errors before disseminating it to reporters. “If you do not have the time to do this, you can always hire a professional editor to proofread your work for you,” she says.

Another digital pr expert Rene Perras, also pointed out that artists and musicians should only release a press release when there’s a newsworthy story about them that recently happened or about to happen.  And if they have a newsworthy story, they must find the right PR distribution partner that fully knows their need from public relations to digital marketing.

About KISS PR Story Digital 

KISS PR Digital and KISS PR Story help businesses, brands, and music artists tell their stories to their target audience across top channels from news sites to social media.  

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