Landowner places conservation forward of condos : Cayman Information Service

Pied billed Grebe at the Governor Gore Bird Sanctuary

Pied-billed grebe at the Governor Gore Bird Sanctuary (photo by Denny Swaby)

(CNS): A local landowner who was intending to build condos on a plot beside the Governor Gore Bird Sanctuary in Spotts-Newlands has instead sold his land to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. Fabian Whorms (not the CEO of Cayman Airways) had been denied planning permission due to technicalities, but instead of resubmitting the application after learning of the possible negative effects, he changed his plans.

“I am happy to contribute to the preservation of the future of these islands through the efforts of the National Trust to maintain the natural wetlands offering habitats for birds and other wildlife and wish them every success,” he said in a release about the expansion of the important habitat and a rare choice on the part of a developer in these islands.

The National Trust used money from its Land Reserve Fund to buy the site, which is largely mangroves and “an ecologically…