Large-box shops may assist slash emissions and save tens of millions by putting in photo voltaic panels on their roofs. So why aren’t extra of them doing it?

Big-box stores could help slash emissions and save millions by installing solar panels on their roofs. So why aren't more of them doing it?

As of February 2021, IKEA had 54 solar arrays installed across 90% of its US locations.

Leveraging the full rooftop solar potential of these superstores would generate enough electricity to power nearly 8 million average homes, the report concluded, and would cut the same amount of planet-warming emissions as pulling 11.3 million gas-powered cars off the road.

The average Walmart store, for example, has 180,000 square feet of rooftop, according to the report. That’s roughly the size of three football fields and enough space to support solar energy that could power the equivalent of 200 homes, the report said.

“Every rooftop in America that isn’t producing solar energy is a rooftop wasted as we work to break our dependence on fossil fuels and the geopolitical conflicts that come with them,” Johanna Neumann, senior director for Environment America’s campaign for 100% Renewable, told CNN. “Now is the time to lean into local renewable energy production, and there’s no better place than…