‘Large shift’ in meals procuring habits as costs soar

Woman looking at supermarket shelves

Image source, Getty Images

There has been a “massive shift” in the way we do our grocery shopping since the pandemic, analyst firm Kantar has told the BBC.

Among the changes, shoppers now visit the supermarket less often, spend more on own-label goods and are turning to loyalty schemes to get discounts.

The cost-of-living crisis has helped drive the changes, as food prices soar.

But trends such as the rise of the discounters Aldi and Lidl go back further.

The BBC has identified five key ways shopping has changed based on data exclusively compiled by Kantar.

1. We shop less often but spend more

According to the figures, the average household made 18 trips to a grocer a month before Covid, but now it is down to around 16 times a month.

We’re also spending more on our main shop than before the pandemic – although we’re not splurging like we did in lockdown.

“We still haven’t got back to the shops like we used to,” Fraser McKevitt, head of retail…