LA’s new Academy Museum to show iconic film props and costumes

LA's new Academy Museum to display iconic movie props and costumes



What would “Lord of the Rings” be if the One Ring had never been crafted in the fires of Mount Doom? How would Tom Hanks have fared on the remote island in “Castaway” without his ever-silent but unflinchingly loyal volleyball companion, Wilson?

A single object can steer a movie’s entire narrative arc – and, depending on where it ends up after filming wraps, its folklore can extend far beyond the big screen.

Famous pieces of movie history can sell for millions of dollars, like Robby the Robot from 1956’s “Forbidden Planet,” which fetched nearly $5.4 million in 2017, or Marilyn Monroe’s white halter dress from “The Seven Year Itch,” which sold for $4.6 million in 2011. Others, however, have wound up in less glamorous places – the blue gingham frock worn by Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” was recently found stashed in a trash bag, while Bruce the Shark from…