Launch of Global Personal Services Private Savings Network License Program

Archer Travel Services Announces Launch of Global Personal Services Private Savings Network License Program

With upgraded features and an airfare lock-in guarantee, Global Personal Services catapults itself to the top of its game.

There are many ways to handle travel in the modern age, but even with the advent of travel aides like smartphones and the internet, it can be challenging to keep track of all the necessary details. Particularly for those who are balancing a lot of responsibilities on top of making travel arrangements, the task can seem daunting.

This is where Global Personal Services comes in – coupled with the services offered by Archer Travel, getting to where one needs to go is easier than ever. Archer Travel offers the lowest legal airfare at the time of reservation, or the flight is free of charge. This is a great guarantee for those who need a bit of extra reassurance about getting a good deal!

Archer Travel also locks in the price of the quoted ticket for a full 24 hours before purchase; even if the airline raises the price of the ticket during this 24 hour period, the ticket will stay the same price. Global Personal Services makes it easy by taking care of the booking for the customer – between these two services, travel is made quick and easy.

Additionally, Archer Travel does not charge for international air reservations, or even for domestic or international car or hotel reservations. Many other travel agencies require hefty fees to be paid for these services, but Archer Travel is a different kind of company.

Another thing that Archer Travel is proud to announce is that any changes, refunds, or cancellations made to tickets are done entirely free of cost. Occasionally airlines might charge extra for these services, but there are no additional fees tacked on by Archer Travel.

Archer travel and Global Personal Services are happy to have worked with a wide variety of distinguished clients: Archer Travel handled Microsoft’s West Coast USA Offices from 1989 through 1994. Former pleased clients also include Panda Restaurants, Footlocker, Kinney Shoe Corporation, ARCO, BP Oil, and more. Archer Travel also handles travel issues for MGM Resorts International, Fresh and Easy Markets, Pasadena Unified School District,

About Global Personal Services

With Archer Travel now paired up with the services of Global Personal Services, the world is smaller and more accessible than ever before. Feel free to visit this website to learn more about how Global Personal Services makes travel arrangements with Archer Travel quick and easy.

Mike Fathem

PR Courtesy of Online PR Media