Lawyer Marketing: Search, Video Marketing Reaches the ‘Richest’ Client Pool

10/03/2011 // New York, NY, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

New York, NY (Lawyer Internet Marketing News)–Virtually all lawyers are chasing that big, lucrative case; and investing in lawyer Internet marketing and law firm advertising campaigns have been the way to go about attracting clients who may potentially have lucrative cases.

Let’s face it, the more affluent an injured client is, the greater the potential verdict or settlement can be. If a serious injury ends the career of an executive bringing in a multiple six-figure income with 20 years left in that career, the lost wages alone are significant.

Because personal injury lawyers and many other legal practitioners work on a contingency basis, winning these types of lawsuits means a bigger payout for the attorneys. And although every client is entitled to justice, virtually all law firms look for these types of cases.

Affluents—defined as those consumers who have an annual household income of $100,000 or more—have been shown to be the most receptive to digital ads, which include video and search, according to a study conducted in February 2011, by Ipsos Mendelsohn for the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Digital ads also have led nearly 60% of affluent consumers to take action after intercepting the advertisement. Furthermore, digital ads created awareness about new companies for 51% of affluents; while 47% of affluents clicked on the ad; 39% visited the advertiser’s website and 8% called the advertiser to get more information after intercepting the digital ad, eMarketer reported.

These digital ads can be included in attorney Internet marketing tactics like search, video, and banner ad formats.

With the help of an experienced lawyer marketing firm, like Cepac lawyer marketing, attorneys can reach these affluent consumers through targeted advertising, based on behaviors and interests. Behavioral targeting is a common marketing tactic used by lawyer marketing firms to increase effectiveness of their attorney Internet marketing campaign, by collecting information about consumers web-browsing behavior—like the types of websites they visit and searches they have recently made. This allows the lawyer marketing company to deliver advertisements based on those behaviors which appeal to that consumer, increasing the likelihood that they will click on the law firm advertisement that directs them to your lawyer website.

The study further noted that 32% of affluents understand the need to provide their web-browsing information in order to receive a more customized online experience. Because of this understanding, lawyer marketing companies can help attorneys reach this type of potential client pool in a more targeted fashion, which can eliminated wasted advertising dollars.

In addition, Google’s search function—Google Universal—is another avenue in which attorneys can get gain more exposure for their law firm among affluent consumers Google Universal allows your law firm to optimize and syndicate your videos and press releases, which if done correctly will give your law firm the added advantage of increased visibility by having your videos rank in Google web, and reach far beyond just your lawyer website. Prior to the innovation of Google Universal, when one queried a search term in Google, Google returned only web pages in the search results. With the launch of Google Universal, Google now returns web pages, photos, images and You Tube videos, as reported in “Google Universal for Law Firms. Attorneys Can Benefit Says Rene Perras.”

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