Leader in Podiatry Marketing Creates Artificial Intelligence Team – Press Release


METUCHEN, N.J., June 15, 2023 /CNW/ — Podiatry Content Connection (PCC), an industry leader in digital marketing solutions for podiatry professionals, today announced the formation of a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) team. This strategic move signifies the company’s commitment to using cutting-edge technology to drive business growth and increase efficiency.

The AI team seeks to boost website and ad conversions to increase the number of new patients for PCC’s clients.

“The AI technology will allow our employees to open up more bandwidth for writing content,” says Jeffrey Hartman, chief executive of PCC. “Our writers will be able to focus more on the creative process, building and editing content, and enhancing the quality of our service.”

The new AI team will include an executive, an operations expert, a project manager, and a designer to identify where this technology will deliver the most value to PCC’s clients. The AI team also will seek to boost website and ad conversions to increase the number of new patients for PCC’s clients.

“We believe that the AI technology will bring more visitors to our clients’ websites and ads,” Hartman says. However, he insists that the introduction of AI does not spell job losses. In fact, some employees will be retrained for other roles, thereby adding more value to the company’s operations. 

“In our organization, I don’t see this technology replacing people, only increasing their output and efficiency. This is a game changer that will allow both PCC and its clients to accelerate their growth,” Hartman says.

By integrating AI into its digital marketing solutions, Podiatry Content Connection continues to uphold its mission of equipping podiatrists with the tools they need to increase visibility and attract new patients.

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