Leonardo da Vinci: Researchers determine 14 dwelling descendants of the Renaissance grasp’s household

Leonardo da Vinci: Researchers identify 14 living descendants of the Renaissance master's family

Written by Rachel Trent, CNN

Contributors Amy Woodyatt, CNN

Decades-long research into Leonardo da Vinci’s purported remains has revealed how many people currently alive can claim to be descendants of the family of the Renaissance genius and “Mona Lisa” painter: It’s 14.
The findings, published in the journal Human Evolution this month, comes from a new genealogical tree going through 21 generations and four branches.
The research is part of the Leonardo Da Vinci DNA Project, which aims to confirm remains thought to be his and to “better understand his extraordinary talents and visual acuity through genetic associations.”

The researchers behind the study wrote these results are “eagerly awaited from an historical viewpoint,” as they will help academics to “scientifically explore the roots of his genius, to find information on his physical prowess and on his possibly precocious aging, on his being left-handed and his health and possible hereditary sicknesses, and to explain certain…