Leukapheresis Market Will Reach USD 136.3 Million by 2030, Says P&S Intelligence… – Press Release


NEW YORK, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The global leukapheresis market size will be USD 136.3 million by 2030, growing at a 8.4% CAGR during this decade, according to P&S Intelligence.

This growth can be credited to the mounting occurrence of leukemia and other hematologic illnesses, increasing size of blood donations globally, growing number of government initiatives for raising cancer awareness, rising research and development on leukopaks and their utilization in clinical research, and quickly enhancing technologies.

Growing Occurrence of Blood Cancers

Leukapheresis is a process utilized to cure chronic lymphocytic leukemia and other types of blood cancers. Thus, the growth in the count of leukemia patients because of the deskbound lifestyles and exposure to radiation, smoking, and certain chemicals is boosting the demand for this procedure.

Another factor that raises the likelihood of leukemias and lymphomas is infection by the Epstein–Barr virus, human T-cell lymphoma/leukemia virus, and HIV.

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Ongoing Government Initiatives to Treat Blood Cancer 

Governments have taken several steps in order to cure leukemia, such as spreading awareness among individuals regarding this disease. Moreover, countries have introduced several reimbursement strategies and set up devoted cancer hospitals and oncology centers.

Leukapheresis Demand Boosted by Surge in Blood Donation

The growth of the worldwide leukapheresis industry has been positively impacted by the increasing count of blood donors globally. Platelets, RBCs, and other hematologic components can be substituted via transfusions, using blood from healthy people.

Chemotherapy is normally prescribed to leukemia patients, who might have a weak immune system and blood cell damage. As a downside, chemotherapy can result in blood cell weakening, which makes leukapheresis a vital supplementary treatment.