LGBT+ Historical past Month: Meet the golf equipment working to make English cricket a sport for everybody

LGBT+ History Month: Meet the clubs working to make English cricket a game for everyone

It’s little wonder Liam Norwell is smiling.

If there’s one thing the Warwickshire pace bowler can appreciate, it’s a good delivery – and as another neon-orange stump gets flattened at the club’s indoor training centre, it’s clear he likes what he’s seeing.

“A couple of the guys I’ve just been in the nets with are pretty handy bowlers,” he says with a grin.

“There’s some really good cricket to watch here.”

If Norwell sounds surprised, it’s because this isn’t your average training session.

Go back a couple of years and some of the people involved wouldn’t have even known how to hold a cricket ball, let alone be able to send it thundering down the wicket in the nets at Edgbaston.

Strange as it seems, in a sport known for its ducks, it’s taken a unicorn to get these players into the game.

‘It’s a safe space… there are no barriers here!’

Confused? Let me explain.

Yes, the ‘unicorns’ line is a bad pun – but it…