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08/08/2012 (press release: fearless74) // Lucinda Sue Crosby

LuckyCinda is proud to announce it’s newest book release, $ell more Ebook$ – How to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing. The book is intended to help new authors, especially those seeking to publish digital copies. So far, the book has collected great endorsements, including one from a bookselling professional.

“This book will save you time and money while providing an excellent blueprint of steps to take for publishing your book. The amount of website resources listed will save you hours of time. I found resources and ideas to investigate even as a non-author,” said Anthony Wessel, retail industry book veteran of the 90’s with Borders/Waldenbooks who re-entered the eBook industry in 2010 and is also a top 500 Amazon reviewer.

The book includes steps for book marketing, selling strategies and inventory management of authors’ published titles. A bonus chapter is included covering how authors can use their KDP promotions to improve their published title rankings, how to generate other revenue with digital sales and how to use free promotions to their advantage.

“This ebook is jammed with just the sort of information and resources any author needs in order to sell more copies of his or her ebook. Not only does this author duo explain what it takes to create a good ebook, they take you step-by-step through the process of publishing it and how to promote ebooks,” said Patricia Fry, a publishing consultant with Matilija Press.

The book was written by Lucinda Sue Crosby, an award-winning author and Kindle bestseller of two other books, and Laura Dobbins, a former newspaper editor.

The book is available in print for $10 and on Kindle for $2.99 – available for purchase at Amazon.

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