Man responsible of gasoline station stick-up with toy gun

Alvin Shaquille Ebanks, Cayman News Service

Alvin Shaquille Ebanks (from social media)

(CNS): Alvin Shaquille Ebanks (25) from West Bay was found guilty on Friday of holding up the Hell Esso Gas Station last December with a toy gun while on bail for another offence and wearing an electronic tag. He was convicted by a jury of one count of robbery and the possession of an imitation gun. Ebanks burst into the shop at the local filling station with an unknown accomplice as another customer was buzzed in through the secured door. The robbery was caught on CCTV but Ebanks’ face and hands were covered and he had cut the tag signal by wrapping it in tin foil.

Police were nevertheless able to link him to the robbery because he left his DNA and forensic evidence at the scene when he dropped the toy weapon after a fight with the gas station clerk. After he demanded cash Ebanks hit the clerk with the gun, which broke apart. He then opened the till and grabbed the money before he and the second robber ran to the getaway car…