Manchester United: US house owners’ checkered historical past of investing Premier League golf equipment

One former Manchester United chief executive — Peter Kenyon — agrees with that characterization of his former team’s owners.

“I’m not sure the people who are in that club now know what the club is all about.”

Sunday’s postponement of the game between Manchester United and Liverpool due to fan protests — that at times turned ugly — brought into sharp focus the dissatisfaction of many supporters over the way the Glazer family have run the Premier League’s most successful team.
Fans are seen protesting Manchester United's Glazer ownership outside the stadium.

Police estimate over 1,000 protesters invaded the pitch at United’s Old Trafford stadium ahead of the match against Liverpool.

Some 200 people also congregated outside The Lowry Hotel, Salford where the United players were staying ahead of the match, to protest against the club’s US owners.

In response to the protest, Manchester United issued a statement, saying: “The club has no desire to see peaceful protestors punished, but will work with the police to identify those involved in criminal activity, and…