Mandrien Consulting Group Offers Strategic Advice to Investment Banking Firms

10/26/2011 // New York, New York, USA // Mandrien_Consulting // Alexander Crompton

Mandrien Consulting Group announced today that it will offer strategic operational, compliance, and technology planning consulting services to investment banking and venture capital firms involved in the title and mortgage industries. Mandrien Consulting Group’s offering will be marketed toward investors who need expert advice on various business models in an industry where technology, outsourcing, and automation are required to maintain profitability. Mandrien has already distinguished itself consulting directly with companies in the title and mortgage industry, and will now extend its services to other financial services companies.

Mandrien Consulting Group’s planned offering includes the following:

Flat rate pricing models for advice to venture capital and investment banking firms;

Customized strategic planning advice regarding technology, outsourcing, and the use of automation in order to promote scalability through organizational transformation or re-engineering;

Progress monitoring and optimization using Six Sigma methodology; and

The deployment of experienced, high-performance teams to promote industry best practices and support the creation of a solid infrastructure for new ventures.

“Venture capital and investment banking firms require excellent corporate strategic planning and rock solid technology fulfillment mechanisms,” a spokesman for Mandrien stated. “Without the help of industry insiders, they cannot accelerate ROI in the way necessary to sustain a growing business. Our global knowledge of the industry and past consulting success position us to perfectly to mentor those entering the title and mortgage industries and to deliver superior rate of return for those seeking advice on these topics, which lie at the core of our intellectual capital.”

About Mandrien Consulting Group:

Mandrien Consulting Group provides results-driven national title insurance licensing services, process optimization consulting, digital marketing, compliance learning tools, and corporate strategic planning for the real estate and financial services industry. Mandrien offers unparalleled practical and technical experience in the title insurance industry. Recently Mandrien published the first ever nationwide guide to title insurance licensure.

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