Mane Center of Tampa Florida Introduces Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

/ Whether the primary goal is to lose weight, lower cholesterol or reduce the need for diabetic medicine, Mane Center introduces a personalized program that moves people toward their desired goal.

Mane Center of Tampa Florida introduces a medically supervised weight loss program that is custom developed to the needs of each individual.

The approach is a science based, food first meal plan stresses a variety of healthy foods, consumed frequently in order to avoid hunger, decrease inflammatory biomarkers and change body composition (the amount of muscle and fat in your body.) The program is focused on achieving changes in body composition and weight loss by being healthy first. Mane Center wants people to lose fat, not just water or worst case scenario to lose muscle. Muscle loss, which many times occur with low calorie diets, will slow the metabolism and eventually tend to push toward weight gain.

Sarcopenia (muscle loss) explains why some might eat the same food at 30 that they did at 20 but now gain weight. This phenomenon, commonly explains why many patients gain back all of their weight once they go off of their “diet.” The focus is on health, body composition and metabolism enables ones to lose “fat pounds” and not just pounds while maintaining lean, healthy muscle mass.

Metabolism is the true key to weight loss. Sometimes people have a glitch in their biochemistry that is keeping your metabolism low? Some have auto immune dysregulation that they are completely unaware of? Some have antibodies attacking their own thyroid gland (the thyroid is responsible for the overall level of metabolism) or pancreas (the gland responsible for the production of insulin)?

Once Mane Center determines that none of the above mentioned symptoms exist, a personalized lifestyle therapy and eating plan are developed that are geared toward a specific metabolic rate and body composition. In addition, we will continue to guide our program toward the most effective ways to exercise in order to boost the metabolism.

Here is the key “It is not how much one eats but how much they burn” that is important. This does not require hours and hours in the gym doing aerobics and cardio that is difficult and doesn’t fit into your schedule. How much exercise is performed depends on what the custom goals are and how fast ones want to achieve them.

The doctor of the Tampa Weight Loss Clinic of Mane Center is well trained to root out any problems that may be holding some back from losing the weight they need or want to lose. As a board certified Tampa Chiropractor Dr. Mane has much experience in working with people and improving their quality of life.

For more information, call the weight loss clinic at (813)935-4744 to schedule a consultation. In order to get the most out of a consultation, please bring any prior relevant medical records or laboratory studies, a list of all current medications and write down any symptoms and questions so a more thorough consultation may be performed. Feel free to bring a friend or family member for comfort and support.

Dr. Nelson Mañé is board certified in chiropractic orthopedics and neurology. He has sub-specialty training in childhood neuro-behavioral disorders, electro-diagnostics, vestibular disorders (balance problems) as well as training in functional medicine. He is one of the most experienced doctors using high power laser therapy. He is a DAN! Doctor (Defeat Autism Now). He has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, BAY News 9 as well as the autism documentary “Walking in the Dark; Finding the Light in Autism. Dr. Mane has also been interviewed for Spectrum Magazine, Tampa Tribune and Parenting Special Need Magazine. Patients seeking treatment at Mañé Center will discover they are receiving the highest quality of care, because our genuine interest is your well being.

Dr. Nelson Mane
The Mane Center

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