Mangrove training will get €295k money increase


Mangroves (photo by Alvaro Serey)

(CNS): As more and more of the mangrove habitat across the Cayman Islands falls victim to the bulldozer, the Mangrove Education Project received a grant of €295,000 at the end of last year, which will help the long-running project expand and complete its new local school curriculum, the Cayman Islands Coastal Education Guide (CEG), which was rolled out just before COVID. The grant was from the European Union, Expertise France and RESEMBID.

With the new curriculum, which is supported by the local non-profit organisation, the Mangrove Rangers, students will learn about the intertwined ecosystems of mangroves, seagrasses and reefs.

“MEP’s Marvellous Mangroves curriculum-based programme, which has been taught in Cayman’s schools since 2001, has been researched, revamped and expanded to include seagrass and coral reefs,” MEP Executive Director Martin Keeley said. “It will be rebranded [as] the ‘CEG’ and tailored to the…