Martial regulation: Putin declares martial regulation in 4 occupied areas as Kyiv presses offensive

Martial law: Putin declares martial law in four occupied regions as Kyiv presses offensive


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law Wednesday introducing martial law in four Ukrainian regions the Kremlin claims to have annexed, in violation of international law, along with a separate order imposing restrictions on movement in and out of eight Russian regions adjoining Ukraine.

The regions are Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk. Russia does not control the entirety of those regions and is in a hasty retreat in Kherson after Ukrainian forces regained territory there. Ukraine’s foreign ministry has condemned the decree as a “new state of terror” aimed to “to suppress the resistance” of those regions’ residents.

Russian-installed leaders in Kherson region earlier Wednesday began massively ramping up the relocation of up to 60,000 people amid warnings over Russia’s ability to withstand a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Putin nonetheless…