Mastering Multiplication Facts Made Easy

03/25/2012 // Torrance, CA, USA // RudolphAcademy // Angela Peres

Christopher Rudolph, a public school teacher for 20 years, has created a website that helps parents help their children master multiplication facts. He said, “We all have different learning styles. For example, some students are visual learners and some are audio learners. Some students can memorize a lot of facts while others need to do it to learn it.” Whatever learning style a student has, he or she will be able to learn multiplication facts at .

For audio learners, students can listen to Multiplication Chants to learn multiplication by two’s through nines. There are two types of chants: Basic and Pause Chants. With the Basic Chant, the idea is for the student to choral read the chants along with the audio. With the Pause Chants the idea is for the student to say the answer before the audio reveals the answer. If the Pause Chants are too hard, then go back to listening to the Basic Chants.

Some students are visual learners. So, Multiplication Video Flashcards are available to help students learn their multiplication tables. These flashcards cover multiplication by two’s through nines.

Free printable multiplication worksheets can be downloaded and copied. There are many different types of worksheets. Basic multiplication by two’s through nines, table drill, circle drill, multiplication match ups, and 1 minute multiplication worksheets can be downloaded at no cost. Need more worksheets? You will find banks of free math worksheets, and all come with a printable answer page.

Some of us learn by doing. So, one of the coolest features of this site are the Timed Multiplication Quizzes. These quizzes are timed for one minute. A student needs to score 100% in order to get the message that reads, “Congratulations You Passed.” A student can review their quiz and note which ones they got wrong and need to study. They can refresh or reload the screen and take it over and over again until they get them all right. There are three levels of difficulty to challenge a student’s speed or automatically. Students can download and printout certificates to show that they have finally mastered their multiplication facts!

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