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New release from MCAT Publishing, INC: C.A.R.S. Practice Test 1

In 2015, the American Association of Medical Colleges released a new computer-based pre-medical test: MCAT2015.  This new MCAT covers material from college-level biochemistry, psychology, and sociology. This change effectively increased the number of prerequisite undergraduate classes from eight to eleven.  At 230 questions, the new MCAT has nearly twice the number of questions as its predecessor. 

Replacing the old “Verbal Reasoning” section is the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Section (C.A.R.S.), with ten passages and 53 questions, completed in 90 minutes, graded on a 118-132 scale.  This section assesses student ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and dispute arguments as they occur in complicated technical passages.  Success in this section relies on student ability to understand the structure of logical relationships, recognize and manipulate esoteric vocabulary words, and make reasonable assumptions and inferences from subtle clues.

The MCAT Publishing, INC, C.A.R.S. Practice Test 1 includes a full section test, with expert maps and summaries for every passage and professional explanations for each of the questions.  This book will make any student an expert on the MCAT C.A.R.S. section, and help all pre-medical students learn how better to process MCAT passage information. 

C.A.R.S. Practice Test 1 is a departure from the previous books from MCAT Publishing, INC.  This is not just an accurate and reliable practice test, but a tool to help overall MCAT comprehension. 

Previous titles from MCAT Publishing, INC, include Physics: Formula Expertise and Variable Management and Chemistry: Rate Laws, Ksp, Logarithms, and the pH Scale: 2016 Edition.  

While previous books have exhaustively covered topics such as Acidity and Reactivity, C.A.R.S. Practice Test 1 is the first book from MCAT Publishing, INC, to include full exam simulations. This practice test is an excellent supplement for students currently enrolled in preparation courses from KaplanPrinceton ReviewExamKrackersNext StepGold StandardAltiusMCATformeCornerStone, and Berkeley Review. It is also highly recommended to for use in conjunction with tutoring courses from Doug CouchmanTutorThePeopleWyzAntCambridgeCoachingTopTestPrep, and


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Additional books from MCAT Publishing, INC, MCAT Physics: Formula Expertise and Variable Management and Chemistry: Rate Laws, Ksp, Logarithms, and the pH Scale: 2016 Edition.  

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