Mega Fortune Now on Jackpot Watch, a site charting and analysing online jackpot games, has officially put the Mega Fortune jackpot on jackpot watch.

/ charts the historical value of the Internet’s better known jackpot games and provides a range of statistics on those games, including current value, average hit value, average hit interval and an assessment of a jackpot’s ‘temperature’ using a proprietary formula.

When a jackpot reaches a point where its temperature gauge moves into the red zone, and the value is significant, it is put on jackpot watch.

In the case of Mega Fortune, which is now approaching the €6 million mark, there is an additional reason for close consideration – a recent announcement by a major casino that they will add an additional 10% payout to the jackpot value if it is won by a player at their casino. The additional payout will be shared equally by all customers who played the Mega Fortune slot at their casino (€50 wager minimum) in the 24 hours immediately preceding the win.

As an example, if a the Mega Fortune jackpot went off at its current value of 5.8 million euros, then 580,000 euros would be shared by all players meeting the above criteria.

For more details on Mega Fortune and the additional 10% jackpot offer or any other online jackpots, visit is an online jackpot news and analysis resource, charting historical jackpot values for the Internet’s best know progressive jackpots.

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