Midland/Odessa attorney Report on Shutdown Order for Trucking Company

05/17/2012 // Odessa, Texas, USA // Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy // Texas truck accident attorneys at Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy, P.C. // (press release)

Odessa Truck Accident Attorney News Report

The Midland/Odessa, Texas truck crash lawyers at Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy, P.C. represent victims who have suffered injuries because of traffic accidents involving large commercial trucks. These truck crash attorneys stay current on news regarding the trucking industry. They note that the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently issued a press release regarding a shutdown order issued by the agency.

The agency ordered Georgia-based Judson Mobley Logging, Inc. to immediately cease all transportation services because the company was an imminent hazard to public safety. This order was issued following an extensive review of the company’s operations. This review, conducted by FMCSA, found multiple violations of drug and alcohol testing, driver qualifications, and vehicle maintenance rules that substantially increased the likelihood of jeopardizing the safety of others. FMCSA immediately shut down the company’s operations after safety investigators discovered that the company continued to operate its vehicles in violation of a previous agency order to stop transportation services because of an unsatisfactory safety rating.

The FMCSA takes measures to protect the public by aggressively pursuing and shutting down trucking companies that violate safety measures. Even so, trucking companies continue to violate safety rules and regulations. These violations can lead to tragic accidents that result in horrific injuries to people traveling in passenger cars. To speak to the Midland/Odessa, Midland accident attorney at Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy, P.C about the injuries you received in a collision with a large commercial truck, contact them at 432-362-0399

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