Milk-free Milo and meatless ‘pork’: Nestlé, Not possible and different manufacturers wager large on plant-based meals in Asia

Milk-free Milo and meatless 'pork': Nestlé, Impossible and other brands bet big on plant-based food in Asia

The product is one of Nestlé’s newest plant-based inventions, and it will be launched in the region this week, the company told CNN Business. Starting Thursday, the drink will hit supermarkets in Malaysia, and the Swiss multinational plans to sell it in other countries soon. (The company already offers plant-based Milo in Australia and New Zealand, but in the traditional powder form.)

“We are all about giving choices,” Juan Aranols, Nestlé’s Malaysia and Singapore chief, said in an interview. “We felt that with this growing interest for plant-based products, why not give the Milo taste everybody loves in a solution that is plant-based?”

Nestlé’s new plant-based, ready-to-drink Milo in production on a manufacturing line. The beverage will launch this week in Malaysia. Credit: Nestlé

Plant-based food is already popular in parts of Asia but its gaining new fans for a variety of reasons, from customers wanting to adopt a healthier diet, to concerns about the impact of…