MindStir Title Shows the Adventurous International Upbringing of an Indie Oilman

03/31/2014 (press release: mindstirmedia) // Miranda Schelhas

Enchallah! (paperback, 9780989882064), which means “If the God wills” in Arabic, highlights W. R. “Bill” Stewart’s worldwide travel and peripatetic residencies in Canada, the Sheikdom of Kuwait, Mexico and Alaska. He later went on to discover oil and gas in seven states, including Alaska, and eventually became one of the most flamboyant independent oilmen to operate in Alaska.

“Bill’s book is a real page-turner,” said J. J. Hebert, president of MindStir Media, the author’s publisher. “After reading Enchallah! I feel as though I too am a worldwide traveler. His descriptions are succinct but powerful. The pictures throughout also capture his journey beautifully.”

“The book’s origin dates back to 2003 when we lost my dad (“the Old Man”) to congestive heart disease,” Mr. Stewart added. “I spoke at the funeral and the very next day I started writing about his life and accomplishments. I did half-a-dozen pieces and sent them out to family and friends. I had no further writing plans and wrote nothing for the next five years. In 2008, several friends badgered me into dusting off the original pieces and expanding them into a book. I didn’t know if I had a book in me or not. It took me another five years (until 2013, a total of ten years from origin) to finish and publish Enchallah! I’m a slow typist.”

The author concluded, “Everyone who was once a young boy should read the book and reflect on their own boyhood pranks. Everyone who was once a young girl should read the book as well and warn their daughters about young boys…”

Enchallah! is available online at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale distribution is also available through Ingram. To learn more about the author and his book, visit http://www.wrbillstewart.com

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