MINI Cooper Dealer Confirms Possibilities Of 2013 Engine Design Options

11/14/2011 // Santa Ana, California, USA // Crevier MINI // Wafaa Hamood

MINI Cooper engine rumors have been circulating throughout the automotive scene about the possibility of BMW’s MINI brand releasing cars that have 3 cylinder engine options instead of the typical 4 or 6. Crevier MINI has stepped forth to confirm that this is true, and that the company heads have already admitted that these cars will be released throughout Europe.

For consumers who are strapped for cash due to a recession and rising gas prices, this couldn’t be better news. A 3 cylinder engine would mean better gas mileage, which in turn translates into lower gasoline costs throughout the year. However, Crevier MINI has not received word about whether or not this option will be heading to the United States and Canada, and there may be a legitimate reason for this. There is some speculation that there is still question over whether or not the cars are compliant with US regulations and standards.

MINI Cooper Engine options that will be presented to consumers will not stop at the number of cylinders that the cars are going to have. The MINI Cooper SD line, which is a diesel-powered car from MINI, is expected to continue. An electric-gas hybrid is a rumored newcomer to the MINI family is rumored to be possible, however there has been no sign from the official MINI Cooper executives or engineers that such a car will be in dealership parking lots by 2013.

Crevier MINI has also confirmed that there will be at least 10 different models of MINI Coopers that will be released in 2013, some of which have already gotten their designs finalized. Orange County has also learned that MINI is still finishing work on some of their more unique designs and MINI Cooper concept cars before their release.

Until then, Crevier MINI invites you to learn more about MINI Cooper cars by speaking with a representative from the company, taking a test drive, or going to one of the many events on the lot. As one of the most knowledgeable MINI Cooper dealerships in the nation, Crevier MINI Cooper always manages to make a splash with customers and racers alike. For more information on Crevier MINI, visit their site at

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