Music Healer Miss Kristin Muses With Content And Clarity

04/17/2012 // Campbell, CA, USA // Norcal Press // NorCal Press // (press release)

Miss Kristin composes many songs with a focus on issues of class and social welfare, as well as an intense spotlight on the self. The underlying messages within her most recent new music release—The Elephant Groove—stresses the importance of training a keen eye on one’s own character and beliefs. Miss Kristin knows just how difficult and trying life can be, yet she tempers her songs with levity and the timeless message of ‘this too shall pass.’

Having experienced a deep personal loss early in her life, Kristin’s music is incredibly calming and is firmly grounded in the belief that thoughts create reality. The song “Miracles” on her latest album illustrates this perfectly: “What goes inside your head has never been more in tune. With each breath a new side of you, love in bloom! You can have a miracle of your own if you believe. It’s happened once before, my friend, it’s happening to me.” All great changes in the world start with an idea.

Throughout her life, Miss Kristin has gravitated towards individuals from many different walks of life; the emotionally downtrodden and the poor, as well as others who have been unable to classify themselves into a particular niche. Recently, she has donated the proceeds from one of her tracks to Japan’s tsunami relief efforts (Face to Face (With Nuclear Waste)).

The loneliness Miss Kristin has encountered throughout her adult life has helped her to be a powerful inspiration to others who are on a similar road of emotional healing. For someone who has experienced such deep loneliness, she has a remarkably bubbly and warm disposition which bleeds into every note of every song. All of Kristin’s songs are written with a particular journey in mind, and it is a journey that her listeners are lucky enough to follow with her, side by side.

Because she has always had the need to bring joy and hope to others, Miss Kristin has consistently involved herself in such organizations as The Poor People’s Brigade which helps bring the plight of the poor to the social justice forefront. She is also at the helm of her own Big Fuss Records, Inc. which is presently expanding and preparing new stellar music for distribution.

Miss Kristin has also completed “Masterpiece” which is set for release in June 2012.

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