07/19/2013 (press release: ShamanGrayOwl) // Aurora, Colorado, USA // James Roberts

Love, Light & Prosperity!!!

I am a Shaman and not long ago I thought that I had to live that stereotypical life of a poor spiritual teacher. I had to work hard at my day job and sleep in shifts to take care of my 2 boys. I would do life coaching every spare moment I had and catch up with my wife using FaceBook sometimes while we were in the same room. Ridiculous! Comical if it were part of a book or a movie scene. Gina, being a double cancer survivor, suddenly had new medical needs and POOR was not going to cut it any longer. Prosthetics of any kind do not come cheap and that is after all the evaluations and fittings. Gina and I decided to make changes immediately. We had to change the way we think about LIFE. We decided to believe that the Great Ones, The Creator, God. . . call IT what you want, did not put us here to NOT be able to do what we are best at. We were not put here to struggle! We should prosper and see all the wonders that we can. We should be able to effortlessly help ourselves and others. We should be able to give to any charity or organization we want whenever we want. Again, all we had to do was learn something new and then start doing something new. Believing that we should prosper is the best things we could have ever taken to heart. This is how we got started. Learning new things. Get in on this education and opportunity to excel in every way you can imagine. Watch this video. G.O.MyFaceBook

PS: I JUST WENT FROM BROKE AND BORROWING to CLOSING ON A HOUSE in 48 DAYS doing what I learned and SHARE with anyone who wants to know.

PPS: See My

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