Monkeypox on native radar however no Caribbean circumstances

Monkeypox on local radar but no Caribbean cases


(CNS): Health officials around the world are increasingly concerned about the number of cases of monkeypox emerging in more countries. The Cayman Islands Public Health Department said it is aware that this smallpox-related virus could appear in the Caribbean, but so far no cases have been reported.

But with a suspected case in Florida, Interim Chief Medical Officer Dr Autilia Newton has issued a note to raise awareness and ensure prompt recognition if it does spread to this region.

So far over 80 cases of the virus have been reported in 15 nations outside of Africa. Endemic to areas of West and Central Africa, the viral infection is usually a mild self-limiting illness, spread by contact with wild rodents, primates or dogs in the endemic areas or very close contact with someone who is infected.

“The risk to the Cayman Islands is only hypothetical at this stage and the purpose of this note is to provide concise, factual information to health…