Monport Laser Soars with Multiple Fiber Laser Series Production Lines – Press Release


SEATTLE, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing a groundbreaking achievement, Monport Laser proudly presents the widely anticipated fiber laser series. As a longstanding leader at the forefront of laser engraving machine innovation, Monport Laser has solidified their position through years of dedicated research and development. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence, their expanded product line now encompasses a comprehensive range of outstanding metal engraving machines, including split fiber laser, integrated fiber, MOPA, and much more, designed to fulfill even the most intricate and diverse customer demands.

Monport offers a comprehensive lineup of cutting-edge marking machines, comprising two integrated fiber series and one split fiber series. Notably, the split marking machine and the integrated GP series feature Raycus laser sources, while the integrated GI series harnesses the power of the MOPA laser source. With power options ranging from 20W to 60W, their range of marking machines caters to the diverse metal marking requirements of laser creators.

Monport Split Raycus Fiber Laser

When compared to a CO2 laser, the fiber laser engraver boasts a stronger laser intensity that allows for metal engraving. It can engrave metal faster and deeper than a diode machine’s 400mm/s engraving speed. Monport split fiber marking machine takes it a step further with an impressive 7000mm/s engraving speed. Monport fiber can engrave most metals and non-metals such as slate, hard plastics, colored acrylic, and even glass.

Monport GP Fiber Laser

“Compared with the split marking machine, the integrated marking machine mainly focuses on lightness, flexibility, and user-friendliness. The solid shell and black appearance are eye-catching.” A designer from Monport Laser said. This integrated fiber laser has many innovative features, such as electric focus lifting, the machine power box with air holes on all four sides for heat dissipation, and a vertical arm that can…