Move: OfReg jumped gun on pricing dispute

Cayman News Service

Flow branch at the Countryside Shopping Centre

(CNS): Flow said it was “deeply concerned” by the press release last week from OfReg just a day after the regulator had issued an official notice to the local branch of the telecom provider informing it of “possible contraventions of license conditions” under the Utility Regulation and Competition Act. Responding to CNS inquiries officials from Flow said OfReg was “extremely premature” when it issued the release and “could mislead the public to incorrectly infer” it “has engaged in some form of pricing misconduct.”

In the release last week OfReg said that Flow had been overcharging Cayman based businesses for more than three years after implementing an unapproved rate hike and it had been warned of an impending fine.

But Flow said that it had applied in 2019 to have the requirement to get rate increases approved by OfReg removed and the regulator had recently agreed. Flow said the release should not…