MPs vote CI$8M extra for healthcare payments

Cayman News Service

Health Minister Sabrina Turner in Finance Committee on Friday, 10 June 2022

(CNS): Finance Committee has voted another CI$8 million to cover healthcare costs for Caymanians who are uninsured or under-insured and have been treated outside the Health Services Authority facilities. When the committee met at the end of the last session of Parliament to deal with supplementary spending, health ministry civil servants told MPs that healthcare for local and overseas treatment for those without insurance is costing about CI$3.3 million per month.

The $21 million already appropriated in the 2022 budget is expected to run out before the end of the summer. But Health Minister Sabrina Turner said she would be asking for more before the year was out because the money she was asking for was also likely to run out.

The budget line item for ‘tertiary medical care’ was increased by over 38% because, the health minister noted, it was under-budgeted, even after government had…