Myanmar’s navy is waging conflict on its residents. Some say it is time to struggle again

Myanmar's military is waging war on its citizens. Some say it's time to fight back

The possibility of a deepening civil war in Myanmar is “high,” Gen. Yawd Serk said from his administrative base in Chiang Mai province.

“The world has changed. I see people in the cities won’t give up. And I see (coup leader) Min Aung Hlaing won’t give up. I think there is possibility that civil war might happen.”

But as security forces continue their deadly campaign, there are signs the country is reaching a turning point where rebel groups could engage in renewed conflict, while some in the protest movement start to push for armed resistance in a bid to defend themselves.

A senior rebel leader and several protesters, whom CNN is not identifying for security reasons, say a small, but growing number of pro-democracy activists are heading into the jungles where they are receiving combat training from ethnic militias.

There are also increasing calls from the urban centers for the ethnic rebel groups to do more to protect people from the military violence.

A protest group formed by…