Nablus: Israeli incursion shatters lives in historical Center Jap metropolis

Nablus: Israeli incursion shatters lives in ancient Middle Eastern city

Nablus, West Bank

The heart of occupied Nablus is one of the most ancient cities in the Middle East. With two churches, 12 mosques and a Samaritan synagogue around densely populated residential areas, the occupied West Bank city’s nickname is “Little Damascus” because of the way its architecture, arches and even the local accent and food are reminiscent of those of the Syrian capital.

On a normal day, the smell of spices and hand-made Nablus soap, the bright colors of cloth, and the welcoming faces of people fill the narrow alleys of the Ottoman-era Old City.

A massive Israeli military incursion on Wednesday targeting three suspected militants changed all that. A CNN team visited the city a day after that raid, to find residents looking into the eyes of every stranger, not welcoming, but concerned about the reason for their visit.

The market was on strike,…