Native civil servants take up key ministry posts

Cayman News Service

New DCO Danielle Roberts (left) with new SPAs Justin Hislop and Rolna-DaCosta

(CNS): The Ministry of Border Control and Labour has confirmed a new deputy chief officer and two senior policy officers. Danielle Roberts was confirmed as DCO in May, having been chosen over a dozen other Caymanians who applied for the senior job. Meanwhile, Rolna DaCosta and Justin Hislop have been appointed as senior policy officers.

All three of the local, public servants have a variety of experience from working across the government, according to a release from the ministry.

Roberts has worked for the Cayman Islands Government for sixteen years, starting in 2007 with the Ministry of Education, where she ran the Education Council Scholarship Programme. She moved on to managing policy development and renewal, drafting policies and writing Cabinet Notes and Papers, and developing education briefs, among other duties. Roberts has an MBA and various professional qualifications and is also…