Native elections 2023: Conservatives endure early native election losses

Local elections 2023: Conservatives suffer early local election losses


Conclusions drawn must be done so with caution; caution because of the volume of results still to come, and caution because it can be crude to instantly transpose local election results to imagine a general election picture.But there is often a correlation between performance at local elections and national ones. It has, without question so far, been a miserable series of results for the Conservatives. “A wake up call” as one minister put it.Labour reckon these results show they are “on track to win the next general election”.But some analysts are sceptical the numbers are that good for Labour – given the colossal mountain they face to get Keir Starmer into Downing Street and the Tories take comfort from that.The broadest sleep-deprived smiles this morning belong to Liberal Democrats.But remember, we are not even close to the half way point in these results so far.