Native sea temperatures break data

Cayman News Service

DoE staff spread antibiotic paste on corals affected by SCTLD

(CNS): Local sea surface temperatures reached new highs this weekend, with Friday going down in the history books as the hottest 19 May since records began, according to figures from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The news comes as officials here begin hosting a series of public meetings to discuss the new draft climate change policy.

Reinforcing the fact that Cayman needs to prepare for the impact of a warming planet, the seas around the Cayman Islands reached almost 30°C, a temperature level never previously recorded this early in the year.

The draft Climate Change Policy examines what needs to be done to address the risks these islands face, especially the impact of sea level rise, which will increase as glaciers melt and as the ocean gets warmer and expands. The rising sea temperatures are tough on our already stressed local coral reefs, which have been hit by stony coral…