Navigating Gen-Z: Soul App’s 2023 Social Media Keywords – Press Release

SHANGHAI, June 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an internet age overflowing with new hot topics, understanding younger generations’ social behaviors, life attitude and aesthetics poses a formidable challenge: many may be “a social butterfly online, but a lone ranger offline”; they “let themselves go” as they see fit. Even despite rapidly changing trends, clues to what makes young people tick can be found by looking into how they express and engage with each other, at a time when sharing on social media has become a new fixture in their lives. Therefore, a good starting point to grasping social trends and lifestyle elements among younger generations is to closely watch their social interactions.

Just So Soul, the research arm of Soul App, recently surveyed 2,214 SOUL users, of whom 80.21% are Generation Z. Combined with survey data, it compiled what users shared on social platforms over the past six months into a report titled 2023 Social Media Keywords, presenting cutting-edge insight into Gen-Z social networking trends.

As a novel social platform beloved by young people, SOUL boasts nearly 30 million active monthly users, of whom 80% are Gen-Zers, serving as a true-to-life ecosystem of diverse Gen-Z social trends. From “buddy search” to “anti-emo”, the keywords discovered by the sticky social media app encapsulate heartfelt experiences shared by many young users with distinct personalities, mirroring a kaleidoscope of broader lifestyles and cultural movements.

Buddy search amidst a friendship recession

“I’ve been with the company for more than a year. I still don’t know all of my colleagues. I often walk around with my head down to avoid any awkward greetings”. This is how many young people joke about their social lives.

Due to increased geographical mobility and the exhausting fast pace of life, individuals are struggling to develop and maintain intimate relationships, especially friendships, as evidenced by fewer friends and reduced time devoted to loved ones….