Navy ship heads to Cayman as leaders put together for looming storm

Navy ship heads to Cayman as leaders prepare for looming storm


HMS Medway, which was pre-positioned in the Caribbean as part of the UK’s support this hurricane season, is now on its way to support Cayman if needed. – Photo: Facebook/HE The Governor – Cayman Islands

Premier Wayne Panton urged Cayman Islands residents to finalise their storm plans as a Royal Navy ship headed for the territory to provide support, following the issuing of a a hurricane alert on Friday.

With a rapidly intensifying tropical depression advancing towards the islands, the premier met with government members, weather forecasters and hazard management officials.

Tropical depression nine is currently churning through the southern Caribbean Sea, packing winds of around 35 mph.

It is expected to intensify as it moves north with current forecasts projecting it could be a hurricane by the time it reaches the Cayman Islands. All three islands are likely to be impacted

Panton said, “I encourage the Cayman Islands public to finalise your emergency plans and gather all necessary…