New Apprenticeship Leverages ServiceNow to Facilitate Internal Growth and Stream… – Press Release

San Antonio, Texas, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Apprenticeship (NEW), is leveraging the power of ServiceNow, a strategic IT management platform, to build, execute, and scale their programs and business operations to better provide skilled, diverse tech talent to U.S. employers. With the partnership of Exterprise and a few of NEW’s dedicated IT ServiceNow (ITSN) Apprentices, NEW has been able to rapidly accelerate the implementation timeline. 

The platform’s value will continue to unfold over the next 6-12 months and has already enabled NEW’s Grants Team to utilize 70% of their time for fieldwork rather than data analysis and input. NEW initiated the first half of the execution phase with Exterprise, a ServiceNow consulting firm, before handing the reins to Allen Linatoc, NEW’s ServiceNow Architect. Knowing the platform needed to suit both apprentice and employer partner needs, NEW took the time to design a scalable data model that will evolve with the company. 

Delante Lee Bess, NEW’s VP of Digital Transformation, led NEW’s technology team and collaborating parties to a successful ServiceNow launch. Bess has also guided NEW’s own IT ServiceNow Apprentices to gain hands-on experience assisting with the implementation. These apprentices are going through a more advanced training that will position them with a deeper level of understanding the ServiceNow architecture.

“By understanding the value that rising ServiceNow talent can bring to companies, we wanted to capitalize on the remarkable qualities that ServiceNow could create for our own digital transformational experience,” says Bess. “Apprentices helping to execute this transformation work on projects that deliver a better experience for all learners, which creates a dynamic feedback loop. This will also allow for the learners to be exposed to the intricacies of the CSM application and understand the differences of ITSM (IT Service Management).” 

Sheheryar Saeed is one of the ITSN Apprentices working…