New Car Buying Concierge Home-Based Franchise Opportunity Created by Former Car Salesman, Mike Rumple, of Your Car Buying Advocate Inc. – Press Release

Warren, OH, August 15, 2021 –(– After four years of offering car buying services and consulting to consumers all over the USA, Mike is teaching others how to do the same. The YCBA car buying advocates will be able to work from anywhere and negotiate car deals for consumers. It will be a network of true consumer car buying advocates.

Consumers are looking for smoother car buying experiences without visiting dealerships. YCBA car buying advocates spare consumers from stressful, time-consuming trips to dealerships unless test drives are needed. Advocates work in a fiduciary capacity and negotiate; while providing the comfort and knowledge needed to make financially sound car buying decisions.

“Over the past four years, people have called me to ask how they can start their own car concierge business. So, I decided, just as I did with the creation of YCBA, it’s now or never, teach them how. It’s a true blessing to be able to create business opportunities for others and support them in it,” says Mike Rumple.

YCBA car buying advocates work solely for their clients. They are paid outside the car deal and never accept commissions or kickbacks from dealerships. This is how they ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Car buying advocate franchisees will exhibit strong integrity, have some solid car buying and selling knowledge, may have been a previous salesperson, enjoy building relationships and have a heart to serve others.

“It’s not a get rich quick scheme,” says Rumple, “they have to put in the work, dedicate themselves to their clients and always strive to represent the brand with integrity. We know there are plenty of people who fit that mold and we’re excited to bring them on board and help them succeed.”

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Your Car Buying Advocate Inc. is a nationwide car buying concierge operating out of Warren, OH teaching consumers how to get awesome car deals without stepping foot inside a dealership. For people who don’t have the time, don’t want to learn or just don’t want the hassle, we do it for them.